The Treats: The olfactory equivalent of a very upscale salad bar, the fragrance table lets guests have perfume their way. "We will do fragrance fittings, like a dress," said Laurice Rahme, president of Creed USA, the English and French perfume house. Using test strips dipped in beakers of scent (everything from roses to tobacco), she sniffed out each woman's preferences, then mixed the elements into a signature fragrance.

The Raves:
"This is the most sybaritic and haute couture thing I've ever done," said beauty director Valerie Monroe, while she blended notes of green jasmine, Sicilian lemon and bergamot. "It's my own unique scent—I call it Eau de Val."

The How-tos:
Help guests follow their noses—find inspiration and scent recipes at


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