The Treats: Thai massage is ideal for a semi-public party scene because guests needn't undress—although their groans of pleasure might be audible to the whole gang. This graceful, yoga-based treatment is a workout in which you do none of the work.

The Raves:
"I think I'm on another plane of existence," said associate editor Catherine Gundersen.

The How-tos:
Set aside a quiet room or corner lit by rows of fat candles. Find a licensed Thai practitioner from the American Massage Therapy Association ( You might want to do a trial run!

The Variations:
For a sole-stirring affair, treat each guest to reflexology—a treatment in which the practitioner applies pressure to reflex points on the hands and feet in order to relax other parts of the body. A good source for therapists is Or, throw an all-natural spa party: has recipes for delectable facials (bananas and honey) and hair masks (heavy on the avocado).


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