Beef skewers

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The Tokyo Express
This Japanese spin on fast food begins with cubes of boneless beef strip loin and pieces of red bell pepper that you thread onto skewers and soak in a sweet-salty marinade of soy sauce, brown sugar, black pepper and ponzu sauce (an all-purpose vinaigrette you can buy in Japanese markets or easily make yourself). When it's time to eat, grill the meat-and-vegetable kebabs for four minutes on each side.

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Jerk Pork Tenderloin

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The Island Dinner You Can Eat Anywhere
Juicy grilled pork tenderloin gets a burst of flavor from an overnight bath in an herb-packed dressing (a trifecta of cilantro, parsley and thyme) that also has an unexpected sweet hint from orange juice and brown sugar. After 20 minutes (or even less) on a ridged grill pan or outdoor grill, the meat will be slightly crisp on the outside and tender inside.

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Linguine with Walnut and Broccoli Rabe Pesto

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Pasta Sauce That's Ready When You Are
Make this broccoli rabe pesto the night before and just bring it to room temperature before serving. When your stomach's growling, all you have to do is boil linguine, add it to the sauce, stir in some reserved cooking water and toss. Sprinkle the dish with chopped walnuts and extra grated cheese.

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Chicken skewers

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An Australian Barbie with Supermarket Ingredients
Chef Curtis Stone served these tasty chicken kebabs at Oprah's Australian beach bash. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts alternate with scallions (just the white parts); after marinating for eight hours or more in a mixture of hoisin sauce, lime, honey, garlic and ginger, they're deeply flavored and ready for a quick pass over the grill or sauté pan.

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Spicy Grilled Snapper with Lemongrass and Ginger

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The Restaurant-Worthy Grilled Fish You Can Make at Home
This red snapper dish looks impressive, but it isn't complicated to make. Bottled oyster sauce, mirin (Japanese rice wine), rice vinegar, ginger, anise, Asian chili sauce and either lemongrass or lemon peel make a flavorful marinade. The next day, just broil or grill the fish, basting it with the sauce.

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Grilled lamb

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Your Favorite Greek Meal on a Monday Night
It's easy to make gyros at home: Take a glug of olive oil, a few splashes of red wine and a bit each of vinegar, oregano and thyme; add a boneless leg of lamb; let it steep overnight; then cook it for 15 minutes on each side. Cut the meat in thin slices against the grain and stuff it into pita bread with yogurt-mint dip, chopped cucumbers and diced tomatoes.

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Barbecued shrimp

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Soul Food in 4 Minutes
In this recipe, shrimp get a tangy barbecue flavor from pantry ingredients such as jarred tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, chili powder and dry mustard powder. They'll cook in just two minutes per side. To prevent them from spinning on the skewers, try this new "grillcomb"; its teeth hold food securely.

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