Go through the refrigerator and the pantry. Make two piles, "The New Me" and "Yesterday."

The New Me—What Stays:
  • Foods that appear on your meal plan or your healthier choices chart.
  • Foods belonging to someone else in the house that you know you won't touch.
  • Tea and coffee.
  • Condiments.

Keep the foods in your kitchen that you want to stay in your diet and on your menu. These are the foods you should be eating more often (assuming you have any of those in your kitchen!), foods that you love, that are good for you, and, most important, foods that help you create the body and the life you want.

If you're not sure whether to keep something, do what I advise my clients to do when they are decluttering their houses and can't decide if something should stay or go. Ask yourself: "Does this help me achieve the life I want for myself?"

Yesterday Foods—What Goes:
  • Frozen prepackaged meals masquerading as friends—you're not doing that anymore.
  • Fantasy foods—healthy or not, these are foods you had big dreams of preparing once upon a time but never have
  • Dry rice and pasta—they seem practical and useful, but if these items are not on your menu, they have to go.
  • Emergency foods—store enough emergency supplies for your family in a place separate from your pantry. Your pantry should only have foods that you are actively using.
  • High-calorie, nutritionally void, foodlike items—cookies, chips, sweet snacks.

You'll notice that I'm not being specific about what foods you can keep and what has to go. When it comes to healthier living one size doesn't fit all. We are individuals, and you need to make a commitment to decisions that work for you. Stop and reflect on what you know does not belong in your pantry and refrigerator—if it is part of the way you used to think of yourself, if it doesn't move you closer to the best you can be, why would you keep it anywhere close?

Now, here's the hard part. Get rid of the "Yesterday" pile immediately!

I didn't say anything about wasting it. Just get rid of it. Donate it to a charity. Give it to a friend. Have a free-food party. I don't care what you do, just get it out of the house immediately. Yes, I know it's money down the drain. But what does it cost you to keep these foods? If you don't start now, when will you start? What will tomorrow's excuse be? How much is your health and happiness worth? Because that's what being fat is costing you.

See how Peter helped one family clean up their clutter room by room and pound by pound.
Excerpted from Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh. Copyright © 2008 by Peter Walsh Design, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.  
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