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Katie says a butterfly garden is another great way to get your kids involved with gardening. Plant things like parsley, chives, purple coneflower, daffodils, sunflowers, ginger lilies, Rose of Sharon and daisies. "These are things that if you put them in your garden, you will get a whole bunch of butterflies flying around," Katie says. "It makes it more lively, and what more reason for kids to want to go out and play in it?"

Katie says the garden can be any size from a window box to a section of your garden or even a separate area on your property. If you want to attract butterflies for a longer period of time, provide host plants like thistle, sunflowers, milkweed and broccoli for them to lay their eggs on.

Tips for Planting a Butterfly Garden:
Patches of plants that flower at the same time are more attractive to butterflies than a single plant with a few flowers.
  • Try to avoid or minimize the use of insecticides and herbicides.
  • Plant your flowers in sunny places and provide some rocks or stone walls where they can "bask" in the morning to warm up. Also provide a few sheltered areas, like shrubbery or brush piles, to protect them from wind and rain and to provide caterpillars with a nice place to pupate.
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