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Peter Walsh talks with experts about enjoying the best of the warm weather with outdoor entertaining and discusses important things to remember when preparing for your outdoor party.

Designer and former fashion-model-turned-restaurateur B. Smith knows a few things about entertaining. B. shares her tips for pulling together a sophisticated and successful outdoor event.
  • Choose a theme. Whether you're choosing to host a casual beach party or a more sophisticated fete, B. says choosing a theme is the first and most important step.
  • Prepare well in advance. "Know exactly what you want to do and have an idea of how many guests are coming," B. says. "I always tell people who are not used to entertaining a lot to start small."
  • Enlist the help of a friend. Whether it's your best friend or your next door neighbor's kid, engage someone who enjoys helping out to assist you in preparing for your party.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. More guests may show up than anticipated or the weather may be bad, so prepare some extra food and have an indoor plan just in case.
  • Keep a sense of humor. Hosting a party should be fun! Keep a positive attitude and know that not everything will go perfectly.
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