Adam Perry Lang brings great barbecue to New York City.
Many backyard chefs take their dry rubs, secret sauces and grilling techniques very seriously. Classically trained chefs are no different.

Adam Perry Lang, grill master at Daisy May's BBQ in New York City and author of Serious Barbecue, says barbecue is serious business...and business is booming!

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Adam says he fell in love with barbecue while working as a cook on a New Mexico ranch. He even named his restaurant after a dog he met there!
Adam Perry Lang and Oprah host a barbecue block party.
Now, top chefs like Rachael Ray, Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver say Adam's barbecue is some of the best in the world. "I absolutely love, love barbecue," Adam says. "I am pinching myself all the time because I'm doing what I love."

Adam says good barbecue isn't just requires a little patience. To get some his favorite dishes ready for Oprah's first barbecue block party, he says he started cooking 16 hours in advance! "When I left here last night, you were cooking this," Oprah says.

Overnight, Adam says he made everything from beef short ribs and chicken drumsticks to pork shoulder. Get all of Adam's recipes and try them at home!
Adam Perry Lang
What's the secret to great barbecue?

Before you crank up the heat and crank out barbecue for your next party, get a little advice from Adam, the man behind the meat. He says the secret to tender meat is low and slow cooking. If you want great flavor, think in layers.

"The key thing is to add flavor as you're going along. ... Like grating fresh jalapeños into it or a fresh peach," he says. "You have to make it what I call '3-D,' which means the flavors really pop, and that's what I'm about."
Adam Perry Lang and Oprah
What's the number one rule in barbecue etiquette?

Adam says you never touch another man's—or woman's—grill.

"You really need to ask permission because it's really a domain," he says. "Even in a kitchen, really."
Adam Perry Lang talks about grilling times and temperatures.
If you don't have hours to grill, what meats would Adam suggest using?

When you're pressed for time, Adam says steaks are your best bet.

"For longer-cook barbecue methods, like shoulders and things like that, that takes time," he says.

Grilled fish requires a medium amount of time and heat.

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