There's only so many years one can handle the same 'ol candy corns, too-sweet chocolates and stale gummies. If you don't have time to make your own candy, these confections taste just like homemade.
Zingerman's chocolate barsGuy Bites Into a Bar
Zingerman's Bakehouse
These classically flavored chocolate bars (think Snickers and Milky Way) are jam-packed with fudge and peanuts.($4.95; Available at Whole Foods and

chocolate covered animal crackersAnimal House
Wolfgang Candy Co
Chocolate covered animal crackers are perfect for an after-school (or after-work) snack. ($8;

Butter baked goodsKeep You Wanting S'More
Butter Baked Goods
These pre-made s???mores, with gourmet marshmallows, provide all the deliciousness of a campfire creation in one cute package. ($4.95;

Cary's English toffeeSticky Situation
Cary's English Toffee
Unlike common rock hard, could-break-your-teeth toffee, this sweet confection is just the right amount of chewy. (1.3 oz for $2.10, 4 oz for $5.95, 8 oz for $8.95;

Chewy gummiesGoody Good Stuff
These chewy gummies have amplified, all-natural flavors. (Available at Stop & Shop/Giant stores and

Gorant chocolatesBar None
Gorant Chocolatier
While it might be hard to say ???Marshmallow-rocky-road-mallow-nut bar,??? it certainly isn???t hard to enjoy one. ($8.95 for a 10 oz box, 800-572-4139, ext. 248)

nancys candy coSticky Spirals
Nancy's Candy Co.
Hard candy addicts will easily become hooked on Nancy???s brightly-flavored lollipops. ($1.49 per lollipop, $1.99 per fudge cup,

Anastasia coconut patties coCuckoo for Coconuts
Anastasia Confections Coconut Patties
If you like Mounds bars, you will love these homemade-tasting patties. ($5.25 per 12oz Box, HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Bed, Bath & Beyond or

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