Lemon chicken

Photo: Sarah Remington

An All-in-One Meal That Even Includes the Bread
Chicken thighs are nearly impossible to screw up; add peak-season vegetables and cubes of toasty baguette, and you've got a spectacular meal in one 14-inch skillet. It just so happens that croutons add a subtle crunch to dishes far beyond salad, softening slightly as they soak up flavor from the meat and veggies (you can use whatever's in season, from parsnips and sweet potatoes to carrots and sugar snap peas).

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Skillet lasagna

Photo: Kate Dean

A Classic Italian Dinner in 30 Superfast Minutes
This smart recipe manages to deliver ooey-gooey lasagna on nights when a multi-step, multi-hour affair is just not possible. You simply sauté ground beef, add canned tomatoes and seasonings, and then throw in wide egg noodles (which are almost like minilasagna sheets). The pasta cooks in the sauce as you stir in ricotta and shredded mozzarella—and the cheeses melt on the spot.

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Chickpea Plov

Photo: Leah Lizarondo

A Delicious Rice Dish That's Not Fried
It can be hard to come up with fresh twists on rice as a main course, but this Eastern European dinner is one we hadn't tried before. It's a twist on plov (also known as pilaf), omitting the traditional lamb, and instead relying on chickpeas for protein, making it an ideal vegetarian entrée. Warm spices, including coriander and cumin, add a nice depth.

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One-Pot Stew

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The Stew You Can Personalize Each Time
A hot bowl of vegetables and meat so tender you can pull it apart with a fork is hard for anyone to turn down. It's also wonderfully adaptable, depending on diners' tastes. You can use meat cut from the shoulder of beef, veal or pork; nearly any root vegetables, from carrots to turnips to even leeks; your choice of cabbage or green beans; and, just about any fresh herb.

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Chicken Chili Verde

Photo: Alison Gootee

A Mexican Dinner with No Need for Tortillas
Tacos are a crowd favorite, but they aren't exactly a one-dish meal. This chili, though, features many of their flavors all in one big pot. It combines tomatillos, jalapeños, toasted pepitas, cilantro, cayenne, cumin and lime juice with shredded chicken. Garnished with tangy queso fresco and buttery avocado, this is a comforting dinner that's also a breeze to serve and eat.

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