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How to Handle a Guest Who's Had Too Much to Drink
Jacqueline Whitmore, founder of EtiquetteExpert.com and author of Poised for Success, has been in this sticky situation herself, both when hosting parties at home and dinners out. Take the inebriated person away from the group and out of hearing range of the other guests, Whitmore suggests. If it's a close friend who's clearly not able to drive home, offer a bed. Otherwise, say something like, "I want to make sure you get home safely, and I would really feel better if I called you a cab," or "John has offered to drive you home." (Whitmore says people are often more receptive to accepting a ride from a friend.) The important thing is to address your guest as discretely as you can—they'll be more likely to accept your offer and less likely to feel embarrassed.

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