For musicians who tour for months at a time, the holidays are the perfect time of year to reconnect with loved ones. Singer Alicia Keys says this is the one time of the year she and her family gather to enjoy each other's company.

"We cook, and we play cards. We all sit around, and we catch up," she says. "You have hot apple cider, and you have the eggnog and all of the food."

Some years, Alicia's mom hosts the holiday gatherings, and other years, Alicia says she invites everyone to her house. "This year, I think it will be at my house," she says.

When it comes time to give gifts, Alicia says it's only fun if it feels authentic. "Otherwise, it's about being together," she says.

Alicia says love is the best gift she's ever received…but her cute bolero jacket ranks high on the list!


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