I always look forward to Mother's Day for a lot of reasons; for one thing, I am a mother. My children are the first thing I think about when I get up and the last thing I think about at night before I sleep. I look forward to their phone calls, visits, emails, cards, hugs and kisses. I've kept all the cards and letters they have given me over the years, and my favorites are the Mother's Day cards they would write. I just recently read them all again while I was spring-cleaning my closet a couple of weeks ago. I sat on the floor and read them all again like it was the first time—they made me smile and laugh out loud.

I'm happy there is day set aside to honor moms. I love to honor mine, and I love and drink in every moment of Mother's Day when my children are beside me because they just want me to have the best day ever—and I do!

The best and most memorable Mother's Day gifts, to me, were the homemade gifts and handwritten letters, and, oh yes, coffee and juice in bed along with a "family sandwich." What's a family sandwich? Well, when our girls were small, they would climb into the bed with us and cuddle in between Tony and me. Tony and I were the bread and the girls, the delicious insides! We would hug tightly and squeal, "family sammich!" (that's how they pronounced "sandwich" before they could say it the right way). We still make "family sammiches" on Mother's Day, only now it's a challenge since Alex is 6'1" and Ari is 5'8"!

This Mother's Day, I'm planning a whole menu for our entire family to celebrate, to honor our mom and for all the moms in our family!

I'm starting with:

Happy Mother's Day! And don't forget to try my new recipe for Lemon-Infused Angel Hair Pasta. Enjoy!

Sending a big bowl of motherly love,

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