Oil dispenser

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Oil Dispenser
It's all in the pour. While many bottles of olive oil do have some sort of spout (so the oil doesn't just glug out in huge amounts), oil dispensers ($3 to $10)—which you can use for any oil, from olive to grape-seed to sesame—allow for precision pouring.

How it'll save you:They're outfitted with nozzles that carefully control the flow of liquid, so you can drizzle the "sunlight in a bottle" on salads and other dishes, or easily use exact amounts, minimizing overpouring and drips. The other reason these bottles are economical: You can purchase olive oil in a large tin can (a 3-liter container can cost around $56, so you pay about 55 cents an ounce, versus, say, a 17-ounce glass bottle that costs $13.50, which comes out to 80 cents an ounce). Then, decant the oil into your dispenser as needed. Just store it in a cabinet to keep it away from sunlight.