Herb butter

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Wilted or Drying Herbs: A Savory Spread for Just About Anything
Blogger, writer and producer Rebecca Lando loves to eat seasonal, organic and local food but is determined not to waste any of it—even a $5 bunch of herbs. In The Working Class Foodies Cookbook, she explains that herb butter is a great way to give that bundle of not-so-fresh thyme, oregano, basil (or any other herb, really) one last chance. You can mix it into a stick of butter and heap the result on thick slices of baguette and broil it for a twist on garlic bread; toss it with hot pasta and Parmesan for a quick dinner, or with just-cooked fish or shellfish; slip a pat of it into a baked potato or on grilled or roasted vegetables or steak; or just spread it on toast.

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