Doesn't quinoa have a lot of protein too?

Jewels: Yeah, it's kind of amazing. ... One of the things that we do with the people that we cook for, and we do at home now, is that we kind of balance out their protein. So you can get protein from a lot of different sources. You don't have to be a vegetarian. Certainly, Jill and I are far from vegetarians. We love meat, and we love fish, and we love chicken and all of that. Lord knows I love dairy, but I think that if you have something that's meat, maybe have it for lunch. Like maybe a grilled meat salad or something like—we have a Thai beef salad [in the book]—then maybe for dinner you have lentils, or you have a salad with lentils in it. Or, you have a lentil soup that will fill you up, or you have a piece of fish.

I think fish is a big key. We try to include some ideas. ... Fish is really one of the easiest things that you can make, but I think people are, again, intimidated by fish.


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