For a lot of people, taking the time to actually do all of this can be overwhelming.

Jewels: Right, and I think what we wanted to do is to encourage people to make themselves a priority. Take care of yourself. And let your kids see you doing that so they realize that that's something important for them to do. It is important what you're putting in your body, and you know, sometimes it does take a little extra time and effort, but you're certainly worth it, you know?

SS: Breakfast is a meal that a lot of people skip. I just reincorporated it into my diet, but I've basically been eating the same thing day after day. Any ideas for something new?

Jill: I don't know if you saw the recipe for Don't Waste Food, Make Fried Rice, but one of the things that we do for our kids is we always have cooked quinoa in the refrigerator. Just cook it according to the instructions—two parts liquid, one part quinoa for 15 minutes. And you can actually use that instead of rice, and kids seem to love it. I love quinoa. My 20-month-old loves the texture of it; it's a little bit softer to eat than rice. It doesn't seem as dry as maybe rice might get. It's also much better for you.


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