What's a trick to making home cooked food delicious?

Jewels: I think seasoning your food. If you want to say as a trick or anything like that, it's that people think that because they're eating healthy food, it can't taste good. It's as simple as seasoning that food. That is easy to do, and people sort of think they can't do that or skip that or are not sure. But for some reason, they don't season their food.
SS: That's a good point. I think at the end of cooking a lot of people get the salt shaker out and just poor it all over instead layering those flavors during the cooking process.

Jill: Exactly. It's so true. And we've found that if you season as you go, you actually end up using a lot less salt. If you don't season as you go, the food tastes really bland and then you go to poor that salt on top, and it's almost like you can't get enough of it.


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