I think that there's this myth that celebrities have some kind of secret when it comes to staying trim and eating well.

Jill: Not at all. That's really actually part of the reason behind us writing the book is that people are always asking us: "What do you cook for your client? What kinds of things do you make?" We say, "They eat just like you and I do; they just eat healthy fresh food." It's stuff that you can make for your own family.

Jewels: If you want to say there's a secret to it, I think there's a couple different things. I think number one, because we've worked for these people who are used to really beautiful, great food, I think that making it visually appealing in their own refrigerator [is important]. ... They open the refrigerator just like you and I do, and they want to see something that's appealing to them and that they can just grab. 

In the beginning of the book, there's a little section on glass containers. ... It keeps the food fresh, it's healthier to use a glass container if you can, it's also just more visually appealing and that's a little trick. Just make sure it looks beautiful.

Jill: I know for my husband, if it's not right in front of his face, he thinks we have nothing to eat in the fridge. So, putting stuff in glass containers and then putting it at the front of the fridge so everybody can see it [helps]. You end up not wasting food, as well, because you see what it is, and it looks good and appealing to you.

Jewels: Jill and I really focus a lot on the actual shopping, as well. And I think that if you have fresh tomatoes and those things out in front of you, those things are easily accessible to you and that's what you'll grab. It's much easier to make a quick salad if you've washed your lettuce and you have some fresh tomatoes on the counter and you have some leftover cooked lentils from a soup you made the night before and some cucumbers, and you have a dressing you've made that you use for the week. It makes it really easy. 


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