What are your thoughts on dry herbs versus fresh herbs?

Jewels: I think that anything green, the more green you have on your plate, the better. And that even includes an herb. Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to change one single item. If you have a tomato, it's a tomato. Put a little salt and pepper on it, it's an even better tomato. If you put a piece of basil, it's an even better tomato. It's a totally different type of tomato.

Jill: Yeah, and that's not to say we're against dry herbs, because they certainly have their place in the kitchen and there are certain things that you use those for. They are great to have on hand, but using the fresh herbs really does add another layer of brightening up the food and freshening it up and making it pop and come alive.

Jewels: It doesn't have to be some exotic thing. Look, I'm not asking someone to use marjoram every day or something. But honestly, like even parsley. Parsley is my best friend. Parsley is totally inexpensive and completely underrated. I mean, I think a cup of parsley has as much vitamin C as like a cup of orange juice or something. It's got amazing vitamins and minerals, and you can use it as an herb or you can roughly chop it and throw it in your salad, and it gives it like this bright, fresh flavor. It's a basic herb that anyone could find.


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