Thinking ahead will save a lot of time in the end. 

Jewels: It's like, think outside the box; if you have a little bit of leftover shrimp or have a little bit of leftover chicken, scramble up an egg, throw the chicken in there, chop up a little bit of onion or a little bit of green onion, or maybe you even have some leftover from the salad that you had the night before and throw in a handful of quinoa because you keep that in the fridge all the time. And it's like, that's an amazing breakfast. Or, you know, you could even wrap that in a whole wheat tortilla and take it with you. So just sort of thinking outside the box and saying, I'm going to make a little bit of this extra, we're trying to empower people to say, it doesn't even have to be a recipe, like our recipes are just guidelines. They're not formulaic.

Jill: And I think one other thing that's important to Jewels and I, I know it sounds a little hippy-dippy, but we love what we do, and we love being in the kitchen together. ... We were fortunate to work for people that we really do care about, and you want to make them happy, so I feel like the energy you put into the food when you're making it, you're putting all that good energy and that love into the food, it really does come out and make a difference.


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