Posted: October 22, 2007


When I wrote my last blog entry, I had just been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show—one of the most exciting moments of my life—to talk about Deceptively DeliciousSM. I cannot even comprehend the impact the show has had.

The response has been simply overwhelming—much more than anyone could have predicted. Certainly more than the publisher of the book expected: The initial printing of the book is already sold out nearly everywhere. (I'm told they are making more copies as quickly as possible and will be sending them to stores as soon as they leave the printer!)

In fact, I think the only person who seemed to have any idea of the book's impact was Oprah herself. On the show, she called it "life-changing." At the time, I only knew that it had changed my life. And while I certainly hoped my strategy could work for others too, I couldn't be sure. But, as it turns out, Oprah knew. (Note to self: Never doubt Oprah.)

I have been inundated with e-mails and links to blogs of people who watched The Oprah Show, bought the book, and instantly changed their families' eating habits at home. Do you know how gratifying it is to be thanked by a mother for the fact that her child just ate spinach for the first time? And loved it?

Then there are the scores of people who have told me this isn't just a book for feeding kids! Apparently, many husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends are benefiting from the program, too—often with full knowledge of what's in the food.

I've also heard from many moms who have become inspired to make their own recipes. Some are even forming puree clubs, to share purees with neighbors. And, of course, for some of you, this isn't a new strategy at all. One person said her grandmother was doing this back in the 1940s! Or, as a poster to Oprah's message board put it: "I've been hiding veggies in food for 20 years. The big joke in our house is: 'Is there zucchini in this?'" I love it.

The best is hearing people say they feel like better parents. That is so important to me because it is exactly how I felt when I started cooking this food for my own family. Being a parent takes a lot of hard work and focus—it can be downright exhausting. But small moments of joy—like peaceful meals with your family—make it so worthwhile.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the people who have taken the time to write about their experiences trying out different recipes from the book. To be sure, I am humbled to hear that people enjoy the book; but the greatest thrill and honor comes from knowing that it is actually helping people take the steps to make change. And judging by the reaction I see, people are ready for a change.


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