beef satay

Photo: Alexandra Grablewski

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This is one of my favorite recipes in this book. And even though it's in the appetizer chapter, I often serve it for dinner. The whole family loves it, and the payoff in flavor is totally disproportionate to the effort involved. The hardest part—and, believe me, it's not hard—is slicing the beef. After that, you simply whirl the marinade in a blender, slather it on the beef, and grill. The sauce comes together in a flash, too.

There's no need to wait for grilling weather to make these. I've cooked them under the broiler and in a stovetop grill pan (many times without the skewers, if I'm feeling lazy), always with success. Metal or wooden skewers may be used. You'll need about 24 short skewers or 12 long ones.

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