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The Food Revolution is rolling on full steam ahead this week, and we've got some wonderful and inspiring news stories to share with you. These are stories that have come in from right across the United States, and when I hear from people doing small (or big) things on a personal level like this, it excites me because it means we are closer and closer to really making some big changes. Let's keep it up!

The big food news this week was, of course, the first lady's obesity action plan. If you don't know about it, then you should definitely find out what she's got to say because it's brave, exciting and, quite frankly, much needed.

Big shout out to everyone who has signed the petition. The numbers are still climbing, but I want them to skyrocket so we can show it to the government and get down to business. So please, this is the time to give your friends, family, colleagues, postman or teacher a nudge and get them to sign too. It only takes two seconds, and it's so important.


I also want to say a huge thanks to the people who have donated money to the Food Revolution. We've raised more than $50,000 so far, which is great. That money is going to help us create an online community and tool kits so we can get as much information and advice about food and cooking in homes, schools and communities out there as possible. It's also going to be a great way for people who are doing good things in their local communities to connect with each other.

And speaking of communities, I've got a dead simple recipe for you this week, so I want as many of you as possible to cook it, then post your pictures up on our Food Revolution Community Facebook page. It's my one-cup pancakes recipe, and it's a brilliant one for the kids. Honestly, you'll make it one time and then remember the recipe for life!


Jamie O.

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