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Stack Attack
What do you get when you cross a Parisian macaron with an American jelly doughnut? A very different—and delicious—kind of ice cream sandwich. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (with shops in Ohio and Tennessee) combines some of their saucer-size almond macarons with handmade ice cream and preserves—ribbons of lemon curd in juniper ice cream, for instance, or a dollop of black currant jam on vanilla. "Ice cream sandwiches are all about texture," says founder Jeni Britton Bauer. "Our macarons are made to soften with the ice cream, so when you're at your last bite, they've become one."

What's In Store

Three fresh ways to get your ice cream sandwich fix at the supermarket:

Klondike's What the Fudge? Brownie combines slabs of brownie with vanilla ice cream and—surprise!—a gooey chocolate center.

Ciao Bella's Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares pair tart Key lime gelato with buttery graham crackers.

Q-Bees stuffs marshmallow–crispy rice squares with vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream.
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Do the Twist
You don't have to leave the house to satisfy your craving for soft-serve. Just try this easy technique adapted from The Truck Food Cookbook, by John T. Edge. The trick is mixing store-bought ice cream with whipped cream; then go for a dip in our homemade chocolate-shell sauce and add toppings like chopped pistachios and toasted coconut flakes.

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Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches
At Bierkraft in Brooklyn, a splash of beer in the batter gives brownies a malty flavor and super-fudgy texture—a perfect match for Il Laboratorio del Gelato's vanilla-chocolate-chunk gelato.
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Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches
For a decadent, breakfast-inspired treat, Sugar Magnolia in Washington, D.C., presses a scoop of bacon-and-maple ice cream between mini-waffle wedges: The small size comes from filling only two-thirds of the waffle iron with batter.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen

Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen
The only way chef Cindy Pawlcyn could improve upon her grandmother's banana-bread recipe? Layer it with ice cream and drizzle it with butterscotch sauce. “I dreamed it up because of my love for bruleed bananas,” says Pawlycn, of Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen in Saint Helena, California.
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Whoopie Pie Ice Cream Sandwich at One Girl Cookies
In summer months, the family behind One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn replaces the thick cream-cheese frosting in their popular whoopie pies with sweet ricotta gelato, for a chilly twist on a retro treat. Available in either chocolate or pumpkin varieties, the outer cake stays soft and moist, even when frozen. Sweet!
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Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich at Dirty Betty’s
You might think doughnuts would make a gloppy, greasy vehicle for ice cream, but the baking duo behind Dirty Betty's in Chicago, Jeff Steinberg and Joe Bova, spent nearly two years perfecting a recipe for doughnuts that are baked, not fried. Choose any two of the cakey treats—ranging from old-school cinnamon sugar to Nutella-topped banana—and pair it with one of a dozen cold-and-creamy centers, like mango sorbet or dark chocolate gelato.
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Coconut Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich at The Meatball Shop
Lime zest lends an unexpected brightness to the coconut macaroons at The Meatball Shop in New York, which the owners pair with a thick inch of espresso ice cream. “Just like the song, you put the lime in the coconut—and it's awesome,” says executive chef Daniel Holzman.
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Photo: Courtesy of Wit and Wisdom

Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream Sandwich at Wit and Wisdom
At Wit and Wisdom in Baltimore, a mash-up of two classic childhood treats—Rice Krispie treats and ice cream sandwiches—creates a super-gooey indulgence that tastes like pure nostalgia.

Photo: Courtesy of Otto Pizzeria

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich at Otto Pizzeria
How's this for an ice cream-truck treat? In Sicily, a common street food is a scoop of rich gelato pressed into a sweet brioche bun. Otto Pizzeria in New York continues the tradition, with bread that's baked fresh daily and ice cream, like strawberry or mint, made from local ingredients. For the full Italian experience, opt for olive oil gelato, a sweet vanilla base balanced with a subtle bite from Frantoio olives.

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One-Ingredient Wonder
You'll feel like a magician when you make this silky, rich ice cream using just a single ingredient—no milk, sugar, or even water necessary. Simply peel bananas and slice them into two-inch pieces (one banana per person is a good rule of thumb), then freeze for at least three hours. Using a food processor, puree the frozen bananas for five minutes, stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides of the bowl. The bananas will seem crumbly at first and then become fluffy and smooth. Serve the dessert plain—or for a fun take on a banana split, add toppings like chopped walnuts and chocolate chips.
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Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream Recipe
The smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture of this ice cream comes from coconut milk, which also provides a more delicate sweetness than you'll find in other coconut ice creams. Bonus: It's vegan!

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Sophisticated Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
San Francisco ice creamery Humphry Slocombe is known for bold flavors like cayenne cantaloupe, but even its strawberry ice cream has some genius touches. The addition of red wine vinegar brightens the flavor of the berries without tasting sour, while an extra hint of salt refines a childhood favorite.

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Peaches 'n' Sour Cream Ice Cream Recipe
This subtly sweet ice cream packs a wonderfully tart punch thanks to a base made from sour cream rather than milk or custard. Even better, there's no ice cream machine required—just a blender and a freezer.

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Cocktails on Ice
When you're looking for something cold and fruity to beat summer's blistering heat, consider one of these refreshing granitas. The frozen Italian dessert is similar to sorbet but coarser and flakier, almost like eating snow. We gave the slushy treat an adult twist with the help of Jessie Cross, author of the new book Slushed! More Than 150 Frozen, Boozy Treats for the Coolest Happy Hour Ever.

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