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How Should I Set Up the Bar?
Having two bars positioned on opposite ends of the party sounds nice in theory, but that means you'll need to keep checking both throughout the event to make sure they're stocked. You're better off going with one long (6 to 8 feet) and fairly wide (2.5 feet) table, such as this $39 folding model from Wal-Mart. Set up a station on each end of the table with ice, mixers, garnishes and a towel; then put the liquor and wine (at least one bottle of each kind) in the middle so people can reach them from different angles. Near the bottles, place a cocktail shaker with a strainer (this kit also comes with a mixing glass with instructions on how to make a few classic cocktails and is only $13), an ice bucket and tongs, a wine opener, a bottle opener, a tall mixing spoon, and a jigger or shot glass. Set a trash can under the table.