Adam Perry Lang seasoning a rib eye steak

The Importance of Seasoning
Chef and grill master Adam Perry Lang has been grilling up great steaks for decades and along the way he's picked up a few tricks that you can try at home.

Adam says the first step to grilling a steak is seasoning the meat before, during and after grilling.
A display of seasonings

Key Grilling Ingredients
Adam says black pepper and kosher salt or sea salt are a must when grilling meat like a rib eye steak. You should season the steak with salt and pepper before, during and after the grilling process. Also, you should keep fresh herbs, lemon, shallots, garlic, peppers and olive oil on hand to season meat after it's cooked.
Rib eye steak on the grill

Give Grilled Meat Great Color
A secret ingredient Adam uses to give steak a great color is butter! Take a stick of butter and rub it across each side of the steak every time you turn it. Adam says the milk solids in the butter are the key to creating a great golden brown color.
Olive oil and seasonings on a cutting board

Season Food on a Cutting Board
Grate ingredients such as garlic, shallots and lemon zest with a microplane grater and mix with fresh chopped herbs and olive oil to create what Adam calls a board dressing. Place your grilled food onto the board dressing and let it marinate as you slice and prepare the food for serving. This technique adds a burst of flavor your guests will surely notice. 
Adam Perry Lang

Grill Like a Pro
By using his expert tips and a little bit of practice, Adam says you can grill a steak with fabulous taste, color and crust that will rival some of the best steak houses around.