Cupcake party

Throw a Cupcake Party
Artist Sandra Magsamen says the elements of a great cupcake party are lots of edible decorations, good friends and a sense of fun! Get started by making your cupcakes and icing with Sandra's homemade recipes (or used boxed mixes). Then, set out some store-bought edible decorations.

Sandra likes using different colors of fondant, which is basically colored sugar that is cooked until pliable and can be rolled with a rolling pin to a desired thickness. You can cut any shape out of fondant, and it will hold the form effortlessly. Fondant can be bought at most stores that carry the basics for cake decorating.
Cut-out decorations

Start Decorating Cupcakes
Use a knife to cut out fun shapes for your cupcakes. Sandra is creating both flower- and fruit-themed cupcakes.
Cupcake with fondant flower petals

Add Sweet Touches
Cut six flower petal shapes out of the fondant and arrange on the cupcake. Add silver sugar beads for a sweet center.
Decorated cupcake

Flower Power Cupcake
The fondant adds a professional look to this finished "flower power" cupcake.
    Decorating a cherry-themed cupcake

    Colorful Creations
    Sandra is cutting out small red circles and green stem-like shapes to create a little bunch of cherries.
    Cherry cupcake

    Cherry Cupcakes
    Every cupcake should look a little different—add a little bit of your personality into the design.
    Cupcake display.

    Display Your Cupcakes
    Create a work of art by stacking your artful cupcakes on a cupcake display. While this edible garden full of flower- and fruit-themed cupcakes may look too pretty to eat, don't hold back! The best part of a cupcake party is indulging in your creations.