Even though Ugg boots have regained their rightful popularity, we are not the neohippies we once were. In fact, we're not even vegetarians anymore (unless you count Michael, who makes exceptions for chicken and also for spareribs). But we try to eat healthfully because we have kids and, well, you're just supposed to. Which is why, all these years later, we still use the oven-braising tofu method we came up with so long ago.

You know when people say to you, "You think you don't like X"—beets, tripe, Brussels sprouts—"but you'll love mine"? It's like that. You'll love it! Everybody does. Even our children—who are still immature enough to eat tofu in its frightening raw state and who are generally tormented by the property of flavor in a meal—will devour tofu prepared this way. It's delicious: salty, tangy, a little bit sweet, browned, and lovely. And the vinegar seems to do something to it, texturewise—it makes the tofu firmer under your teeth so that you don't have to shudder after every chalky, gelatinous bite. Plus the tofu bakes in the oven, which makes it nice and easy, and although your pan may be black when it's done, it's nothing an overnight soak can't take care of.

Try it, really . Maybe tofu won't bring on—or bring back—that lovin' feeling, but it'll certainly make a good dinner.

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