For more intimate affairs, jump on any opportunity for a party of two.

  • Are the kids are crashing at friends' houses tonight? Then, how about a slumber party for two? Even if you're exhausted, don't fight the mellow—just chill by the fireplace. Read magazines and books together, sip wine and snack on fruits, vegetables and hummus. Don't sweat a full-on, sit-down meal!

  • If you are channeling the declutter bug, how about a garage sale? It may not sound all that romantic at first, but happiness is a clean slate. He'll have space to create his "man cave," and you'll free your mind with less junk staring back at you. Drag out the lawn chairs, the coffee and bagels, and wait for the early-bird bargain-hunting army to remove your trash for cash.
The secret to hosting is not in the food you serve, it's the conversations and smiles you inspire. So own your "specialty," whatever it may be—martinis, crab cakes, lasagna, chicken and dumplings, chocolate cake—and order in or pick up the rest from a place with just as much confidence in their specialty as you have in yours!


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