In celebration of Father's Day, Tara Ramsey shares one of her father's best Bahamian recipes.
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  • 1 pound bag plain flour
  • 5 whole guavas
  • 1 can guava
  • 2 cups sugar
  • Vanilla
  • 4 sticks butter
In a big bowl, mix the flour with some water and roll the dough out on the table. Insert pieces of guava all over the dough. Then, roll the dough almost like an egg roll. Place the dough in a clean, white pillow case. Place the pillow case with the dough in a big pot of boiling water. Let boil until dough is cooked.

To make the sauce: Mix butter, sugar, vanilla together with juice from the canned guava. Take dough out of pot after cooking, slice the dough into thin slices like bread. Pour guava sauce over the dough. This is one of the Bahamas's oldest and greatest deserts.


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