Los Angeles: With so much great food to choose from in Los Angeles, Gail suggests two lunch options. "For a great salad, go to Tender Greens or Father's Office —it's so great," she says. "The [Father's Office] in Culver City is expanded and really beautiful.

Chicago: Gail says her new favorite under $25 Chicago place has to be Urban Belly . "It's noodles, and I love the owners," she says. "They are super cool people."

Miami: For authentic Spanish tapas, Gail suggests chef Michelle Bernstein's Sra Martinez. "You can do a few small bites. She had really good croquetas and delicious grilled octopus," Gail says. "She does good potatoes, very typical Spanish-influenced stuff à la plancha (on the grill)."

San Francisco: While in San Francisco, Gail heads to The Sentinel for cheap eats and hits Tartine Bakery for breakfast. Pizzeria Delfina is also a great option if you can't afford to eat at its high-end sister restaurant, Delfina, she says.

New Orleans: Gail says you can go to almost any bar in New Orleans, order a mint julep and a plate and wood-fired oysters and be set for the night. If you're searching for a brunch spot, try Elizabeth's Restaurant .

Dallas : You don't have to look far to find great beef in Texas. Gail suggests a meal at The Love Shack , chef Tim Love's casual eatery.

Toronto: When Gail returns to her hometown, she hits up a quirky favorite, Aunties & Uncles . "It's sort of a fun breakfast, lunch, brunch spot," she says. For something a little different, she suggests small plates at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar or dim sum in Toronto's bustling Chinatown.

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