Colin shows off the Reid's welcome gift.

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Although L.A. told Colin to spare no expense, Colin says the most meaningful touches of the wedding cost little to nothing. "As the Mediterranean sun was setting, we had them light a unity candle and the unity candle was passed [to every guest]," Colin says. "When they made their vows to one another, it was done in the candlelight and the spiritual connective energy of everything today [brought] all the family and friends together."

Because L.A. and Erica were married far from home, Colin made sure each guest received a welcome bag. In everyone's hotel room was a monogrammed beach bag filled with mementoes from the region—music, a bottle of Limoncello, a fragrant candle and a handwritten note from Erica.

Seven years and two kids later, Erica and L.A.'s marriage is going strong. Still, Erica says she doesn't watch the tape of her wedding very often. "I live in the moment, but it was wonderful to go back and relive it again," she says. "I'm so glad we got Colin when we did because now Oprah's in his life. So back then, it was an arm and a leg. Today it's an arm, a leg and a trust fund!"