Photo: Courtesy of Elise Strachan

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That the Centerpieces Caught Fire at Her Wedding—and It Was Totally Fine
When Elise Strachan was getting married, she bought some gorgeous, high-quality fake flowers to put on the tables, and—oops—one of the centerpieces caught fire during the reception. She laughs about it now, citing the flare-up as yet another example of how sometimes, we get so caught up in the planning yet mishaps (like flaming silk peonies) still happen; but, as long as no one gets hurt (they didn't in her case), it's not something to stress over. "Party pressure," as Strachan calls it, is real. Instead of feeling like your party must be an impeccably designed (and executed) affair, Strachan urges people to consider it a hit if you can come away with one thing: a great photo of the guest of honor and the cake. (Shot of her, her husband and their wedding cake? Check!)