Towel and server

Photo: Alison Gootee/Studio D

The couple behind Ladies & Gentlemen Studio salvage vintage serving utensils by restoring shine and giving handles a cheerful color treatment

Server, $60 each;

Skipping a paper towel in favor of a cotton tea towel—like this handwoven, fair-trade version by Creative Women—can make a big impact: It's been estimated that if everyone did this just once a day, Americans would save 571 million pounds of paper a year

Tea towel, from $28; for stores
Wine tote

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Pack a bottle of organic bubbly in a wine tote (made from old sails!) that encourages regifting. Write the date and recipient's name on the bag's "log," and start it on a journey around the world—or at least your circle of friends.

From $35;
Wine punt glass

Photo: Courtesy of Wine Punts

Bottoms Up
Made from wine bottles recycled from restaurants, these hip Wine Punts drinking glasses take their name from the dimple winemakers traditionally leave on the bottle's bottom. Diverting glass from the landfill? We'll drink to that

From $24 for four;
Vegan truffles

Photo: Alison Gootee/Studio D

Doubly Sweet
These fair-trade vegan truffles are as gentle on the planet as they are bold on the tongue, with flavors like raspberry-balsamic and beet-coriander. Once the chocolates are gone, reuse the pretty porcelain pint they're packed in to store berries.


Photo: Courtesy of the Container Store

Got You Covered
If aluminum foil and plastic wrap are your go-to methods for storing leftovers, consider this: Aluminum and plastic will likely linger in landfills for hundreds of years—if not longer. Cover Flex Silicone Lids stretch and stick to fit over pots, plates, and bowls just like foil or wrap, but the durable covers are dishwasher-safe and reusable

$20 for three;
Method soap

Photo: Courtesy of Method

Good, Clean Fun
Stocking the bathroom with Method's new soap bottle—the first of its kind to be made with plastic pulled from the ocean—will help clean guests' hands and our planet.

Thank you note

Photo: Courtesy of Night Owl Paper Goods

The Write Stuff
Night Owl Paper Goods spunky thank-you cards, made from sustainably harvested birch, are almost as green as e-mail and will mean so much more to your host

From $6;

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