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The Foolproof Risotto
Actress Lauren Tewes proves that risotto doesn't have to be a complicated undertaking worthy only of culinary gurus, and that the meal can come together in just a half hour. The best part about the rice dish (aside from its speedy prep and overall deliciousness) is that there are a million ways to make it. You can use almost any combination of broth and fresh herbs, from crab broth and cilantro, to beef broth and sage.

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The No-Noodle Lasagna
Frozen ravioli and jarred spaghetti sauce are the secrets to this cheater's version of the ultimate Italian-American casserole. Although this recipe makes mini lasagne, which are perfect for a party, you can also use an 8-by-8-inch baking dish and serve the meal family style. Start by spreading sauce on the bottom and then cover it with a layer of ravioli, followed by the ricotta mix, mozzarella and more sauce. Repeat until you're out of ingredients, and bake until bubbly.

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Mini pizzas

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Mini Pizzas (That Don't Involve English Muffins)
Pizzettes are bite-size pizzas, and if you use store-bought dough, they're a fantastic, stress-free supper when paired with a big salad. Gorgonzola and sweet cherry tomatoes are just a little different from the usual margherita. You could also try grated Fontina cheese, chopped mushrooms and prosciutto, or coarse sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary.

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Veggies and pasta

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29-Minute Pasta and Veggies
When you open the fridge to find vegetables that are probably one day past their prime, make this fast dinner that involves quick-roasting grape tomatoes, zucchini, asparagus or whatever else you have, in a 500-degree oven. The high temperature concentrates their flavors and renders them soft and caramelized. Toss them with pasta, some of the cooking water and grated Parmesan.

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Beef Meatballs

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No-Mess Meatballs with a Surprise Ingredient
A great meatball doesn't have to be complicated. This recipe's ingredient list is surprisingly short, but one key component—fresh ricotta cheese—makes all the difference, giving the balls a uniquely light texture. Baking them instead of frying in olive oil means cleanup is a breeze too.

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Spaghetti Pie

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Spaghetti You Eat Like Pizza
This whimsical creation is an Italian twist on classic mac 'n' cheese, combining cooked spaghetti, eggs and four cheeses. Instead of piling everything into a casserole dish and baking for an hour, you pan-fry it in a nonstick pan for 10 minutes. Then you turn the pie out onto a cutting board and slice it into crispy-on-the-outside, cheesy-on-the-inside wedges using a pizza cutter.

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Chicken soup

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Chicken Soup, Italian Style
Old-fashioned versions of chicken soup can take hours, but this Italian-accented one comes together in 30 minutes. Pantry staples such as canned tomatoes, chicken broth, tomato paste, rotini pasta and dried basil and oregano provide a flavorful base, and fresh ground chicken adds substance without weighing the soup down.

Get the recipe: Luther's Italian Chicken Soup

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