Frittata Tortilla Cups

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A "Mine! All Mine!" Supper for Each Person
A muffin tin is probably one of the most underrated kitchen tools. Case in point: this frittata recipe, which has you spoon a mixture of beaten eggs, cream, cheese, chicken and spinach into each cup and bake until the eggs are just set. Out pop individual, puffy, savory omelets that are perfect with a salad.

Instead of smoked paprika, use chipotle powder or other chili powder
Instead of baby spinach, use Swiss chard, collard greens or kale
Instead of heavy cream, use half-and-half
Instead of Parmesan, use cheddar
Instead of chopped, roast chicken, use cubed ham or tofu (or omit)
Instead of corn tortillas, use sandwich bread cut into circles with a juice glass

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