When I had kids of my own, I decided to include in the feast my own masterpiece. I thought it was genius, but, evidently, my entire family was totally embarrassed by it.

For my masterpiece, I made egg salad with the colored eggs that the Easter Bunny left, then I shaped the egg salad like a bunny—rabbit ears and all! I frosted him like a cake with mayonnaise, cut carrots into matchsticks for whiskers, gave him green olives with pimento sliced for the eyes, the end of the olive for a nose, and then shaped the matchstick carrots to look like a smile. I even surrounded him with beautiful green lettuce to look like he just came from the garden! I was so proud when I first made him, and when the kids were young, they thought it was the best thing on the table—until they turned 10 years old and they gave him his official name, "the stupid-looking lame bunny."

Stupid or not, I still make that bunny as a matter of principle, and we all get a kick out of it! At least my grandchildren, who are 3 and 7, think he's amazing. My older grandchildren? Not so much.

If you, like my older grandchildren, are not sold on the idea of the "stupid-looking lame bunny," I have many other ideas for how to use your boiled Easter eggs!

  • Sliced eggs in fresh salads, especially spinach with crisp pancetta and Greek feta
  • Egg salad sandwiches on rye bread with Dijon mustard, avocado slices and radish sprouts
  • Sliced eggs with crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato in a croissant
  • Egg salad on a toasted English muffin with Muenster cheese and fresh basil
  • Toasted baguette with sliced eggs, spinach, sliced avocado, red onions (sliced thin) and Dijon mustard
  • Seven-grain bread with egg salad, watercress and cucumbers
  • Egg salad on toasted egg bread with anchovies
  • Egg salad on sourdough with prosciutto and wild arugula
  • Egg salad panini sandwich with pepper jack cheese
  • Open-face egg salad sandwich on toasted bread with Dijon mustard, two slices of sharp cheddar cheese melted under broiler till bubbly and melted, served with bread-and-butter pickles on the side
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