Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned pro, Cristina Ferrare's cooking videos can help you create delicious dishes in your own kitchen. Follow her step-by-step demos!

If you need an easy appetizer, this tomato treat is always a crowd-pleaser!
Grilled Corn and Crunchy Coleslaw
Perfect sides for your party!
  No-Fuss Cheeseburgers
The secret to these burgers is freshly ground chuck and kosher salt for flavoring.
Loaded Taco Salad
This salad has everything you need for a delicious meal.
  Roasted Chicken Wraps
These are easy to prepare with leftover chicken.
  Chocolate Chip Cookies
Make a double batch of these cookies—one won't last a day!
Tomato Tower
This dish mimicks the flavor of a BLT sandwich.
Steak Salad
Make your next dinner party shine with this salad.
Angel Food Cake
This dessert takes no time to prepare—and it's low calorie too!
Holiday Dinner
Learn how to make a turkey and all the sides for a wonderful meal!

More Crowd Pleasers
Easy Chicken Dinners
Make more meals for less with Cristina's Roasted Chicken recipe.
Game Day Menu
This spread is perfect for tailgating or watching the game at home.


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