Christmas dinner around the world differs, and the traditions reflect the culture of the country. Turkey seems to be prevalent in most countries. Here are some other things people in different countries may serve:

  • In Mexico, tropical fruits and salads are served along with flavorful bowls of soup. Posole is made of pork or beef and hominy in red chili sauce. Menudo, another soup, is made with tripe. In northern Mexico they serve tamales. Desserts include fried flour tortillas sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
  • Brazilans serve roasted turkey, fresh vegetables and assorted Brazilian nuts. Large platters of rice are filled with ham and salads. In some parts of Brazil roast pork, chicken and fish are served. For desserts a variety of lemon tarts, nuts, pies, chocolate cake and Panettone.
  • The people of Denmark roast pork loin with crackling, goose and duck or will serve a combination of these. On the sides are red cabbage, potatoes and gravy. Dessert is the traditional rice pudding mixed the chopped almonds, sugar vanilla, whipped cream and a cherry sauce! There is a tradition called the "almond gift." A whole almond is hidden inside of the rice pudding and the one who finds it gets an extra present! They also brew special beer for the Christmas season.
  • In France, dishes include goose, foie gras (duck liver), oysters, smoked salmon, lobster, roasted duck, goose or turkey with chestnut stuffing! The traditional cake is Bûche de Noël, or Christmas log. Champagne is served with their meal.
  • Way down under in Australia, it tends to be very hot during the Christmas season, so barbecuing boar, chicken and turkey and serving it cold seems to be popular. There are plenty of prawns and steaks too. For dessert, fresh berries with baked meringue and seasonal fruits such as mangoes and cherries are plentiful!
Cristina shares her typical Christmas Eve dinner


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