Photo: Candace Nelson

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Exotic and Trend-Setting
Are you known for sporting edgy new designers and always being the first to try the newest restaurant in town? Then your desserts should be trend-setting and adventurous as well.

Use unexpected flavor combinations, check your favorite foodie magazines for flavor trends, borrow from other cultures or simply innovate using your own thrill-seeking palette. Mix bacon with chocolate or maple and liven up a predictable cupcake. Add exotic flavors like rosewater, pistachios and cardamom to an otherwise ordinary pound cake. Break the rules and mix flavors that people wouldn't expect in a dessert...curry and pumpkin? Delicious! Chocolate and chilies? Subtle, but surprising. Add a savory touch to almost anything with a sprinkling of large granules of sea salt.

I encourage you to think of your desserts as your calling card. Next time you drop one off, everyone will know exactly who made it!