Cooking with Cabbage
  • One of my favorite ways to eat cabbage is in a crispy slaw. Shred it and combine with shredded carrot, apple, cucumber, minced parsley or dill and drizzle with some olive oil, vinegar, lime or lemon juice and a touch of something sweet like agave syrup or honey. If you can find fresh jicama, it makes a lovely addition, as it retains its lovely crunchy texture.
  • Sauté shredded red cabbage with a red onion cut into thin half moons, add some apple and a drizzle of umeboshi plum vinegar or sea salt. You could also drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar at the end of cooking.
  • Cabbage can be shredded and added to stir-fries, soups or casseroles, or the leaves can be lightly steamed and stuffed with leftover grains, veggies and seasonings to make delicious cabbage rolls. The rolls can be served raw or baked in a tomato or mushroom sauce.
  • Savoy cabbage has a sweeter taste and is delicious simply steamed and served as a side dish. I like to combine it with leeks, carrot and cauliflower to make a lovely colorful veggie plate. You can drizzle with a little olive oil or melted butter or ghee and black pepper before serving.
  • Chinese or Napa cabbage is often used in Japanese dishes like Nabeyaki or used to make raw cabbage rolls. I detach the white rib and slice separately. The leaves are delicate and require very little cooking or they can be used raw in salads.


One of the healthiest ways to eat cabbage is in fermented form as sauerkraut. Fermentation not only preserves nutrients, but it breaks them down into more easily digested form. Fermented foods supply the digestive tract with living cultures, promoting healthy digestion and assimilation of nutrients in food. Fermented foods like sauerkraut are also high in enzymes that promote healthy digestion. I have found that a couple of spoonfuls of sauerkraut works wonders to relieve constipation.

Today I'm bringing you my Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, which is a great recipe for using up leftover grains like rice or quinoa. My sister sometimes stuffs them with minced meat and vegetables, so that's an option if you're a meat eater.

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