Pork meatballs

Photo: Con Poulos

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Meatballs: Better Breadcrumbs = Better Balls
It doesn't matter if you're making beef, pork, lamb or turkey meatballs, or if you're working with Italian or Middle Eastern flavors—you're probably going to be adding breadcrumbs to the mix at some point. And if you're reaching for a canister of pre-made crumbs, you're preventing your meatballs from being as fluffy and light as possible. We love panko, but it's too pricey to use as a filler. The ideal crumbs are ones you make by tossing a slice of white bread (a little stale is fine but not necessary) into a food processor and blitzing for a few seconds. They'll help bind the rest of the ingredients together and provide just the right amount of airiness.