Elizabeth Prueitt

Elisabeth Prueitt's Lemon Cake

What's your favorite secret ingredient?
My new favorite is in the cake I made for O: grapefruit extract. I used it in the buttercream frosting, as well as in the curd filling. The extract is not tart, but it adds a nice, full grapefruit flavor that can be very subtle or strong, depending on how much you use.

What's your favorite kitchen trick?
One of my favorite tricks is for cleanup: To get onion or garlic smell off of your hands, rub wet hands on the neck of the faucet as if it were soap. The smell goes away completely.

What's your guilty pleasure?
That's easy: sour cream coffee cake. There is a gluten-free one that I occasionally buy—I'm gluten intolerant. (I sometimes have to grocery shop at a store that I know doesn't have it in order not to buy it.)

What three things are always in your fridge?
Indian lime pickles, lemons, and cheese—multiple kinds of cheese.

Besides baking, what are you passionate about?
Reading and going to museums. I'm pretty passionate about a hot bath, too.

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