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Shrimp That Tastes as if It's Been Swimming in a Metal Sea
Iodine is naturally found in seawater, and shrimp is a rich source of the mineral. While this mineral is important for thyroid health, it isn't the flavor you want shining through in your shrimp scampi. Chef Robert Ruiz of the Carlsbad, CA, restaurant The Land & Water Co., says the first step to avoiding a strong iodine taste is to buy fresh (not frozen) shrimp, alive if possible. The USDA does not require a "use by" or "best by" date on frozen seafood, so it's hard to know how old the shrimp you're buying is. And, says Cree LeFavour, author of Fish: 54 Seafood Feasts, the further shrimp travels, the more likely it is to be older and taste of iodine. So, if you can't buy fresh, frozen is generally okay, if it's produced domestically.