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Rice That Somehow Manages to Be Gloopy and Crunchy
You followed the directions on the bag, but your basmati is still a pot full of mush, with each grain mysteriously (and annoyingly) undercooked in the center. Marie Simmons, who has written two books on rice, says that before she learned this method, even though she was a good cook, her rice was a sticky, half-cooked mess. The trick, she discovered, is to use a wide, shallow skillet instead of a deep saucepan. This way, the rice is spread out in an even layer and there's a broader surface for evaporation, so the grains cook evenly. (In a small saucepan, the rice overcooks on the bottom of the pan, but is perfectly cooked on the surface.) One more piece of advice: While the rice simmers, resist the urge to stir. This will only make those perfectly cooked grains stick together.