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Mistake #3: Attempting to Flip Tricky Items Without a Metal Spatula
You wouldn't stir food in a nonstick pan with a metal spoon—so, if your cast-iron pan is virtually nonstick (thanks to seasoning!), you should probably avoid using metal utensils with it, too, right? Surprisingly: no. It's perfectly fine to use metal utensils on plain cast-iron pans, says Keno; the "nonstick" surface created by seasoning is very resilient (the exception is enameled cast iron; metal can scratch its porcelain coating, according to the cast-iron manufacturer Lodge). So, if you are cooking delicate foods, such as fish fillets or over-easy eggs, go ahead and use a thin metal spatula instead of a silicone or wooden utensil; it will be easier to maneuver under fragile ingredients.