Norbert Wabnig is the owner of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and is the friendliest man in town. He makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in and is happy to spend time with you explaining what cheese is right for whatever you are planning. He gives you many choices at different price points. No matter what your budget, he will find the cheese!

The whole shop is kept at a temperature so cool that all the people who work there are wearing layered clothing. It could be 98 degrees outside, but they remain all bundled up! 

I find it comforting to shop there because it taps into my European heritage (my mother was born in Italy; my father is first-generation Italian-American). The Cheese Store has the feeling of being with aunts and uncles on holidays. Speaking of holidays, there is literally a line out the door for days before any holiday, especially Christmas and New Year! If you pass The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills during the holidays, you will see me in line with my iced latte (because it's always warm in California), waiting for the doors to open. I'm usually first or second in line because I'm there around 9:30 a.m., and they open at 10 a.m. I don't mind the wait. Having my cheese safely in the refrigerator, I can make a variety of comfort foods. 

I will share with you a recipe for a creamy macaroni and cheese. Yes, I know what you must be thinking: "Big deal, everyone does mac 'n' cheese." However, this is not your average mac 'n' cheese! This is macaroni and cheese the way it was made before they baked the life out of it and you ended up with clumps of macaroni with crusty cheese wrapped around it! 

I've included a twist by adding a touch of truffle oil and truffle cheese available at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills or any gourmet market. If you don't want to use the truffle oil or truffle cheese with this recipe, you can omit it, but you will be missing a taste thrill!

Sending "Big Bowls of Love,"

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