Bobby Flay
Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, and Food Network star

I'm trying to eat in moderation, so I'm going to have only three-quarters of the food put in front of me in a restaurant. As a chef, I want to try everything, but this way I can enjoy and save calories.

Paula Deen
Southern chef and cookbook author

I'm becoming convinced that taking all sorts of vitamins isn't necessarily good for me. I have these gummy bear vitamins—oh my God, they're so good—but if I pop them all day, that's 100 grams of sugar! So I'm just going to take the vitamins my doctor tells me to and save the sugary ones for dessert.

Ellie Krieger
Host of Food Network's Healthy Appetite and best-selling author, whose latest cookbook is So Easy

I want to make sure to include a fruit or vegetable at every meal and snack. So I'll ask myself: "Where's the color?" If I'm making a scrambled egg, I'll add chopped tomato, or I'll toss in spinach when I sauté shrimp.
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