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Host an Aloha Friday
Turn TGIF into a Hawaiian holiday, stay-cay, hula hoop marathon. Pick up the mood in an instant by grabbing an armload of hula hoops from your local discount store and then let the customization begin! Ribbon, string, stickers and markers will do the trick; everyone takes ownership of their hoop with personalized decorations. Dig up some Hawaiian music—anything from a little ukulele to vintage luau music to Elvis' classic Blue Hawaii soundtrack (Rock-a-hula, baby!). Start the marathon, encourage competition, award prizes.

If you're not sporting a hoop, a grass skirt from the party store will do as a visual contribution, or dig up some Lilo and Stitch masks for extra credit. Serve foo-foo drinks for the adult swim but pupu platters all around. If that's not enough, add flip-flop decorating activities via dollar store bling. Take the theme as far as you want, but just a little hula hoop silliness is enough to satisfy your laughter requirement. Just remember to insist everyone use the word "aloha" for hello and goodbye, as well as the shaka (the thumb-and-pinky shake that says "hang loose"). Yes! Hang loose!

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