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Start a Family Sand Ceremony
Saying "I love you" or "thank you" can be difficult for some, especially kids. But turning the little words that mean a lot into a funny, colorful and interactive ritual, you'll have a winner—and get everyone talking.

Family dinners are a great place to start. Set up clear glass vases, one for everyone at the table. You'll be filling each vase halfway, with different colored sand—the kids will want to choose the color. Go around the table, asking everyone a question: What makes you happy? What's the silliest thing you did this week? What do you love most about Daddy?

With each answer, pour your sand into a large vase placed in the center of the table, making different layers of color as everyone around the table gets their turn. If you need to use a funnel, make one from the kids' gallery of art or a family photo; encourage the fam to keep adding to the centerpiece by adding to their answer throughout the meal. Put your own sand ceremony together, or buy the kit from Wedding Star, which offers a ton of different colors of sand and will engrave names on each vase!